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Epheta / Chantal Rialland
Figurative artist

When Chantal Rialland chose her artist name she opted for Epheta, which is derived from Aramaic, the initial language of the Gospel, and means “blossom forth”.

Epheta plays with electric light, fluttering candles, Plexiglas-covered neon and optic fibres… She purposely uses these contemporary materials as the channels for her message.
She has always been fascinated by light. She first explored “inner light” as a psychotherapist and author of psychology books.

Later she was mesmerized by the luminous universe of the architect Moshé Sfadie, creator of The Children’s Memorial, part of Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem.

Epheta lived in Paris for 35 years, in Nice for 4 years, and most recently in Monaco. She was amazed by the crystalline light of the French Riviera which inspired her to create “exterior light”.

She lives now in Los Angeles 00 1 323 782 0058 or 00 1 917 442 5470

Epheta designs objects for the serenity of those who live with them or view them. Her lamps are aglow with happiness, joy, enthusiasm and peace.

Meditation and relaxation are induced by the flickering glow of the candles. The artist follows her inspiration in choosing the various colours of lacquered paints or luminous Plexiglas, either to stimulate or pacify us. She will use optic fibres for her new frescoes decked in universal symbols.

As Epheta says:

“The artist’s calling is to be a link between the expressed world and the more ethereal vibrations of the surroundings beyond.”

Her artwork speaks for itself...


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